About Me

Hello ladybugs!

Who am I?

My name is Keisha, I am 6ft tall (although I recently found out that I am actually 6’1, but I am sticking to 6ft because it just rolls off the tongue perfectly). I am a mother of twin girls ,Payton and Saige, and a handsome lad named Logan. I can now add “supermom” to my repertoire because I survived the first year of raising twins. Only god knows how I did it. Come talk to me, I have the scoop on twin survival.

In addition to my busy life, I love anything fashion and beauty related, as well as anything pertaining to health and fitness. I strongly believe that women, especially us mothers, should remain fierce and fabulous at all times. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a fashionista, but I do have a great eye for throwing together some clothes and accessories and come out looking fierce.


Why a blog?

There is no heart-tugging or profound story behind my decision to start a blog. I simply wanted to write and I was itching to share my ideas about my life as a woman (especially a tall woman), a mom. With the encouragement of my sister and one of my bestie, I decided to go for it! Let’s face it, I have a lot to talk about, my life is not ordinary. It’s full of what I describe as little oddities! How many women can actually say that they are over 6ft tall (at least not where I live), wear a size 11-12 shoes, married a man over six feet tall (unheard of), carried and gave birth to twin girls, working mom, workout enthusiast, natural hair girl, fashion curious, beauty product addict and the list goes on…. With all of this uniqueness comes a plethora of frustration and starting this blog will allow me to share with you my frustrations (because I know you care) and write about things that matter to me as well as matter to other women.

The awesome part is, my blog is not only for tall women, it is for ALL women! It’s a place where every woman can come and identify with SOMETHING and take away SOMETHING from what they have read. My blog is meant to evoke emotions as well as start a conversation about all aspects of LIFE. We are all unique individuals, but we also share the same frustrations and experiences of being a woman and a human being.

Join me in my journey in discovering the best of me, while helping you discover the best in you! I hope you like my blog and will come back and visit soon. Remember to always show up in your Sunday best.

Remember take care of your inside and your outside will shine.

Drop me a email at beingtallandall@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting.

Slay it forward!